The fastest growing security product on the market gives you an added level of security that provides both an excellent visual deterrent along with live images day or night.


Future Technix now only uses Full High Definition CCTV which provides for outstanding image quality Day or Night. Using free software or Smart Phone apps you will be able to view live from anywhere in the world.

Why use Future Technix?

We love what we do and we treat every property as if it is ours. We specialise in providing solutions that best meet your expectations and concerns, without the high costs. The wrong camera in the wrong location is money wasted. It is imperative that you get it right the first time and avoid the additional costs of remedial work. Quality Digital Video Recorders that are designed to bring maximum results is also a very important aspect of getting your CCTV application right.

Some of the benefits with CCTV are as follows:

  1. Theft Deterrent.
  2. Deter General Misconduct.
  3. View live Day and Night all activity
  4. Protect the Perimeter of your Home
  5. To allow owner to remote view property.
  6. View your Driveway , Front Door, Backyard, Pool, Cars, Alfresco, Office
  7. Will provide a far more expansive security system.
  8. Assist with any Public Liability and OH & S Issues
  9. User Friendly Systems
  10. All footage stored on hard drive and can be backed up on USB
  11. If required can be viewed on all Televisions in the Home

Expert Assistance

Feel totally at ease and know that all Future Technix Technicians are Registered & Licensed to both install and consult.